Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Delaying the Pet Scan

I was going to book the pet scan today, but will put it off for a bit. I've had the odd pain in my left breast and have been watching it closely every day. It looks a wee bit swollen and that doesn't sit well with me.

 So I am going to get re-checked by the medical intuitive and will repeat the protocol that I followed before. I need to be sure about all of this, and am not wasting all that money on a pet scan until I feel satisfied with all results.

  Sorry I haven't been writing much but have been so busy trying to keep up with life. Will write more at the beginning of next week.

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  1. Hey Bev, did you know that Saskatoon RUH got a pet scan, I'm quite it was RUH, not sure if you have to pay for it or not, maybe check it out, I was going to let you know when I heard about it but.. well you know me....take care. Net...


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