Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Here's What's New

For the last couple years my medical medium has been finding small cysts on both my breasts. She lasers them off and tells me if they go unattended, they will surely become cancerous.
For the past few months I've been trying these new supplements, loaded with over 70 minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and more...a real powerhouse of nutrition.

Here’s what I’ve noticed since I started taking the supplement:

The First Month
-better sleep
-more energy
-my skin started changing; it feels like it got tighter from the inside out and looks like there are a few less wrinkles (like the skin’s more hydrated)
-my hips and shoulders stopped aching
-the feelings of “stress” aren’t eating me up like before

Second Month
-my eyes have more clarity and aren’t as sensitive to light
-there’s less “brain fog”
-my circulation is better; I didn’t need to plug in the heater in my porch and didn’t need an extra comforter on my bed

Third Month
-hormones seem to be levelling out: less plucking of unwanted hair, no more night sweats, no more hot flashes
-my ingrown toenails don’t hurt anymore … are they going to correct themselves?
-increased my water intake without having to pee every five minutes

I ran out of the supplements and in three weeks my body went back to where it was before I started taking them.
This new company that makes them is going to launch any day now and it won't be soon enough for me! I will keep you posted.