Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Plugging Through June

June 14th is the appointment with my surgeon. That morning the phone rings and it is his secretary calling to cancel. She doesn't say why, only that she will get back to me. . . . . . not sure what that's about. 

I am going to see about getting the cyst removed from my shoulder, but I also find out from the medical medium that it can be lasered.  I have two 16-minute rounds of laser in Chicago,  but it's not enough and I'm not sure when I can get more treatments done.

 It looks like the pet scan will be done at the end of July. 

 I'm feeling fabulous! I have a super green smoothie every morning,  and the whole food thing is coming together.  I found some more great food recipes for the alkaline diet on Pinterest.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


I had the pleasure of working a health conference in Chicago on June 7, 8, & 9; what an experience! To be surrounded by everything natural for products, and talk with medical mediums and naturopathic doctors,  was more than reaffirming to me that there are so many things we all can do to help ourselves!

 There were many speakers there throughout the weekend, including the one that lasered me. One of the speakers was Bill Kurtis from 48hrs or Dateline. His topic was "Death By Food." We eat so unhealthily, it’s no wonder our medical system can't keep up.

The most intriguing product I saw was "Sea Minerals" that can be taken  by humans or used on crops. Did you know that sea water is the richest life-sustainable and life-enhancing source of ionic water-soluble minerals, both macro and trace? A fetus develops in its mother's uterus, suspended in a solution not unlike sea water. Blood plasma, the fluid of blood minus the red cells, is chemically almost identical to ocean water.

Gerry Amena from Queensland was crippled from rheumatoid- and osteo-arthritis. Three vertebrae in his lower back were completely worn — all the cartilage gone. Doctors wanted to fuse them together, but Gerry didn't like that idea. Sea minerals came on the market for agriculture and he used them on his crop and vegetables. He was amazed at the difference, and started to consume sea water himself. In 3 weeks he
noticed a difference and 12 months later, he returned to his doctor and had another X-ray done. It found his  cartilage was all restored.

Sea Minerals are used for everything: viral infections, Parkinson's, diabetes, heart, thyroid, psoriasis, and Alzheimer’s disease, just to name a few. Gerry takes one teaspoon with his evening meal and it totally alleviates his arthritis.

For more information, the website is www. seaminerals. com. I'm gonna get me some!