Medical Intuitive

There is an herbalist and medical intuitive who has helped people from all over the world. She knows I'm fighting this naturopathically, and asks to see the products that I'm taking so on April 27th off I go!

 She “reads” my products and asks to read me. She reads my body from top to bottom and tells me that cancer is in my left breast and also in one lymph node. She also reads “gadolinium” pretty much everywhere on the left side of my body, but also in my spine and brain, throughout my muscles, everywhere, though not so much on my right side.

Gadolinium is the poison from old fillings in my teeth that have leaked at some point. She figures that's what started the cancer.

Hmmm… I had an infected tooth about a year ago (on my left side) that took 2 rounds of antibiotics to get rid of . . . and I still have about 6 old fillings in my mouth that have been there since I was a kid.

She has been working with a laser for several years, with tremendous success. As she is lasering me she says my cells are so tight and clumped together that my body is not really absorbing what I'm giving it. She asks me to drink this particular glass of water, which I do. (See Gia Wellness under the My Helpers listing.)

I have been drinking copious amounts of water to gear up for the detox that I'm going through with my products (see My Helpers) and still complaining to my mom that I'm dehydrated — so dehydrated that the tops of my hands are chapped (I have oily skin so this is unusual).

The medical intuitive continues to laser me. She does my breast 3 times and my brain twice, and all the rest of my body. When she has finished the laser treatment she tells me that the water opened up my cells, so now they are accepting whatever it is that I'm putting into my body. . .

Then she announces that I am CANCER FREE!

I am in shock.

She asks to see me in another week to check me again, because cancer cells sometimes revert back.

I will continue to stay on the program of everything I am taking, but I drive back to my mom's in a daydream.

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