Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mind's Made Up

From day one, my heart, mind and soul were telling me to not do surgery, and for some strange reason I am not worried about a thing, although everyone around me is! My mind is absolutely certain that this will work. Oh, the power of the mind.

Help and support are all around me. My mom is incredible as always. And my friends are the best. I am overwhelmed by goodness and caring from all. What a journey indeed:
By April 11th I'm following the protocol, waiting for M.M.S. to arrive. 

Just a few days of applying D.M.S.O. and there is a definite change in the appearance of my nipple. The redness is pretty much gone; now the scab is off so I can see the complete incision. I won't have much of a nipple left but I can live with that.

  The M.M.S. has arrived and I'm at my mom's now to heal. I have explained all to her and she is behind me 100%. Mom has been plagued with phlegm for years and has tried everything under the sun, via doctoring and naturopathic, and nothing has worked. The phlegm is so bad it chokes her at night. She is going to take the M.M.S. also, so we will do that together. 

 On April 19th, I call to cancel surgery. My doctors (family and specialist) do not agree with my decision, but I expect that.

  I decide to check my ph levels and am disappointed to discover I'm still very acidy. Upon further reading I find that it takes up to 90 days to get your body totally alkaline. I guess I was wishing for very fast results.

  I have found a great website called the Alkaline Sisters, which is about the foods and recipes for following an alkaline diet.Another trip to the city is required to get more of the groceries I need. Now I am feeling satisfied with my food but I have lost 3 to 5 lbs, and on me it shows (I'm skinny to begin with). I need to figure out how to put that back on; I weigh 115 lbs.

   It is now April 25th. Mom's phlegm is going away, and she is noticing that her arthritic aching (everywhere) is starting to lessen. I'm not noticing anything except the visual difference of my nipple. It looks very good!

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