Saturday, 18 May 2013

Prove It

May 8th. I'm going home with all my new foods and alkaline helpers, to reorganize my cupboards and get back to life as I know it.

Next I want to make another appointment with my specialist.  Will he even see me?

How do I prove that I am cancer free?

May 15th. I finally phone my surgeon to make an appointment regarding my situation. I talk to his nurse (his wife). When I tell her who I am, she asks if this is regarding my followup. I tell her that I am cancer free and ask if there is any test that can be done to prove it. She says that as far as the medical field is concerned, unless I have had the cancer cut out, it is still there.

I ask about a pet scan, but unless I am under medical treatment, a doctor will not sign a requisition for one to be done. A requisition would not be recommended until after treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation).

I make an appointment anyway because I have a cyst on the right shoulder that I wish to get removed. It is large enough that I can't wear sleeveless tops anymore. There is reluctance in her reply, but an appointment is booked for June 14th.

I spend the rest of the afternoon searching for private clinics in Canada that do pet scans. The ones that are listed as private are actually hospitals, so without medical referrals I can't get in. A few phone calls more, and finally a conversation with a receptionist at the Centre of Advanced Diagnostics in Burnaby, BC.

I also need a requisition to go there. I explain my whole story and she asks if I have a naturopathic doctor and I reply yes. She says she will get back to me within the hour; she will ask the manager if a naturopathic physician can sign the requisition required.

I get a phone call back within 15 minutes.....the answer is YES! Yahoo! 

The fee is $2850.00, taxes included. Hoo boy.

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