Friday, 10 May 2013

Start as You Mean to Go On

The first thing I do is order Barleygreen. I took this for many years. It is your perfect food for vitamins and minerals. Check it out under "My Helpers."

Next, I start reading about cancer. How does it start? What causes it? I find some websites about naturopathic treatments.

 Then I call a naturopath I met a couple of years ago. His cell number now belongs to someone else. I phone his clinic and always there is no answer, so I finally leave a voice mail....

I make a baking soda paste and put it on my incision, cover it and keep it on overnight. I do this for 3 days. Got the idea from reading about baking soda and cancer.

I open my fridge and give away all the salad dressings, eggs, yogurt, dairy, pickles, mustard, relish, ketchup... everything! I read that cancers and diseases thrive in an acidy body, so an alkaline body is what we should strive for. Food charts show me that the things I eat are pretty much all acidy. I have to feed my body correctly to be healthy. No meat, pasta, breads. Even some of the fruits should be minimal because of their sweetness. Did you know that some fruits can cause yeast in your body? 

I pretty much live off nuts and fruit when I have to work that weekend away from home, and I am hungry!  The next week I'm off to town to figure out some food, but still come out of the health food store without enough! More reading about an alkaline diet.

Finally the naturopath returns my call. Now we are discussing a few things to take. The first one is baking soda and maple syrup. There are many websites on this ... here are searchwords till I find the links for you:
• baking soda, cancer & fungus - Natural News
• Jim Kelmun Protocol
There are many, so fill your boots!

We discuss other things to take: M.S.M.(it's anti-inflammatory; if you have cancer, you have inflammation). Also M.M.S. (miracle mineral solution) and D.M.S.O (vet strength). Please don't mess around with this last one unless you are under strict orders on how to use it. The vet strength is very toxic.

 Now I read, read, read, think, think, think. I decide to start the protocol according to my naturopath. I still have a few days left to decide about surgery. 


  1. Hi, Bev,
    I'm a friend of Kathy's and thus I am reading your blog. Congratulations on taking things well in hand.

  2. Kick it girl!!!!!!!thinking of you! Landis

  3. Thanks Landis!Little does cancer know that I have STEEL in those boots!


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